Where to use?

It is particularly useful for directing hot and cold air, absorbing corrosive or non-abrasive dusts, welding and exhaust fumes, and transporting granular and solid materials. Our concentration is on flexible hoses used in ventilation systems, home or industrial air conditioning, chimney systems, exhaust hoses, mechanical protection, vibration, or where displacement differences must be absorbed.

Why use flexible metal hose?

Where elastomers or polymers are not suitable, for example:
Durability: Metal is more durable than rubber and plastic because it does not deteriorate over time.
Hygiene: Flexible metal hoses can be sterilized at high temperatures without issue.
Dimensional Stability: Flexible metal hoses have great diametrical stability, which allows them to stand enormous radial loads and tight bends without changing diameter.
Safety: High or low temperatures outside the range of plastic materials compatibility.